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Cynthia Poveda, Chief Operating Officer at Apex Life Settlements, is a dedicated life settlements specialist focused on training independent life insurance agents about life settlement opportunities. Working directly with agents, Cyndi provided insight and marketing support to uncover 1B of hidden life insurance policy value.

What is Life Settlement?

Life Insurance is a valuable financial asset you can help sell for a cash payment using a Life Settlement.

Around $140 billion in life insurance benefit is lapsed or surrendered by policyowners age 65+ every year¹. Take advantage of these assets today and have your clients policies appraised before they surrender or let it lapse.


If we can qualify a Life Settlement in your book of business, Apex Settlements will pay a cash payout for your client’s Life Insurance policy and help you gain value from those transactions. See how much your Life Insurance policy is worth using our Life Settlement Calculator

Why choose Apex?

Apex is the leading Life Settlements provider backed up by our active fund. All our cases are managed in-house with our expert team leveraging our 15 years of experience in purchasing Life insurance policies.


Our optimized infrastructure makes us more efficient in identifying the best Life Settlements candidates, which means better offers with higher commissions.

Cynthia Poveda – Cleveland, OH

Cynthia Poveda, Chief Operating Officer at Apex Life Settlements has been involved in the life settlements since 2006, having gained broad experience working for industry leading brokerage and provider companies. She served five years on the Life Insurance Settlement Association board, two years as chairman, and continues her service through participation on standing committees. 


Cynthia Poveda, can help you discover value in your client’s unneeded Life insurance policy.


Previously, Cynthia served as Chief Executive Officer for Life Equity, LLC where she successfully

developed and implemented a multi-fund purchase platform which elevated the company to the

top of the industry league tables, as published by The Deal. Ms. Poveda started her life

settlement career at Life Settlement Insights, LLC, a leading brokerage where as President, she

pioneered auction style bidding and focused on servicing national accounts. 


Ms. Poveda received a BSBA in finance from the University of Louisville and an MBA from

Case Western Reserve University.

Know Your Life Settlements Options

Learn about our program of life settlements for life insurance agents

Get Started With Apex?

The best agents establish trusting relationships with clients, offering guidance that can allow them to optimize their wealth. Since life settlements are a key asset for seniors who might otherwise let a life insurance policy lapse, conscientious agents should avail themselves of Apex’s range of services-everything from life settlement calculators to training videos – designed to equip you with updated information about the settlement market. Whether you’re starting with the basics of the life settlement process or you already have a rudimentary understanding but need a more advanced sense of how to guide your clients. Clay is an invaluable guide to ensure that your eligible clients have full access to life settlement benefits.


¹ Wesley Costa, “CFP Board Proposal to Extend Fiduciary Duty Could Improve Awareness of Life Settlements”, Life Insurance Settlement Association, June 29, 2017

² This was the average obtained from a dozen people who completed the form.