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Life Settlement Companies

Many policy owners allow their life insurance policy to lapse when they no longer want to keep making premium payments. When the policyholder willingly terminates their universal

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Palliative Care vs Hospice

There are numerous people in the US who end up passing away in hospitals or nursing homes after receiving care that doesn’t fit what they requested. This

What Happens Under a Viatical Settlement

What Are Viatical Settlements?

Did you know that over $115 billion of life insurance policies owned by individuals over the age of 65 lapses annually, with the money policy owners, had

How Do Life Insurance Payouts Work?

With a life insurance policy, the insured can provide their loved ones with financial safety as well as peace of mind when they’ve passed away. These life

Accelerated Death Benefits

Accelerated Death Benefits are a provision in a life insurance policy that allows the policy owner to receive a partial payout of their death benefits while they

Selling a Life Insurance Policy Early, For Cash

Making the best decision People across the globe own life insurance, with this type of insurance policy becoming increasingly popular over the twentieth century. Regardless of whether

Life Insurance with Chronic Illness Riders

While the principal function of a life insurance policy is to pay the death benefits to the policyholder’s beneficiaries or loved ones – your life insurance policy

How Do Life Insurance Buyouts Work?

Most people buy a life insurance policy because they want to ensure that their loved ones and family members can have financial security after they pass away.

Reverse Life Insurance

Most people consider life insurance policies to have a singular purpose – to pay out the policy’s death benefits to the loved ones or beneficiaries of the