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Apex is the life settlement provider that empowers you
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Life Settlement

Apex Settlement Group is a life settlement provider, a licensed buyer of life insurance policies. We have set out to simplify a complicated process by providing transparency and direct access to life settlement capital markets for policy holders looking for ways to address their changing financial needs.

The Apex Mission

Apex Settlement Group was founded with the mission to empower our clients through knowledge. Our team is trained to provide the best and latest life settlement guidance and education. We are moved by the deep desire to help our clients get in control of their financial situation. We want you to have a more rewarding life and to achieve the life goals you set for yourself.

Apex Settlement Group Mission

Apex Settlement Group believes that every client is an individual story, and we want to hear yours. Our friendly team of experts and advisors will always put you first. We make sure you get the settlement you deserve under the best possible conditions. We achieve this by going the extra mile and finding reliable and customized solutions.

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Apex Does Life Settlements Better.

At Apex Settlement Group we see you as an individual. We want to make sure you get the most accurate solution for your specific life situation.


You deserve to be informed and aware of the possibilities you have when it comes to selling your life insurance.



We know that every person has a different life story and we value you. We want to find solutions that fit your unique circumstance.


Life insurance provided protection for many years, we’ll show you how it can provide you with financial benefits today.


We’re direct buyers. Our highly trained team will get you a fair market value for your life settlement without middleman.

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Apex Settlement Group consists of an expert family of Policy Guides who offer insightful education, continuous guidance, and direct access to life settlement capital markets. We promise you an informed, 1:1, hands-on experience that will leave you feeling in control and in the know.