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Did you know you can sell your life insurance policy for a cash payment? In less than a minute, our calculator helps determine if you qualify to sell your policy and what its value may be. Make the most of your policy today.

Eligibility Requirements

We take multiple factors into account to determine if you are eligible to sell your life insurance policy. The 3 most relevant are the insured Age/Health, the Policy Size and the Policy Type.


In most cases you will need to be at least 65 years old or have a significant health condition to qualify to sell your policy.

Policy Size

Insurance policies with a death benefit of $100,000 or more are a standard requirement for sale.

Policy Type

Most insurance policies are eligible to be sold. The amount you can get will vary based on the type of policy you own.

About Life

A life settlement calculator is a tool that factors in the information you provide to give you a basic understanding of what your policy could be worth, and if you are eligible to sell it.

In a Nutshell

Understand how a life settlement calculator can be of great help!

Our calculator helps determine eligibility to sell your life insurance policy and gives you a basic estimate of its sale value. The best part? This only takes a couple of minutes.

At Apex Settlement Group we take personal information and data protection very seriously. We abide by state and federal privacy laws. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy page.

There are no fees for the settlement process when working directly with a licensed provider like the Apex Settlement Group. We buy the policy straight out without middlemen or additional broker fees.

The three primary elements that determine the value of a life insurance policy are:

  1. The cost of keeping the policy in force, which amounts to the future premiums.
  2. How long the premiums must be paid, based on the insured’s health underwriting or life expectancy.
  3. The face value or death benefit of the policy.

All things being equal, it makes sense that a policy with more expensive premium requirements will have a lower valuation than a policy with less expensive premium requirements. Likewise, a policy that is projected to require premium payments for 5 years will have a higher value than one projected to require premium payments for 15 years. Each policy and insured are unique, and each valuation is unique to that policy owner.

The period of time over which premiums must be paid to keep a policy in force is a significant variable in the valuation process for a life settlement.

Life settlement companies use complex models, actuarial science, and medical underwriting to estimate life expectancy. The information used is basic data, such as age and gender, and information specific to the insured, gathered from medical records.

Yes. Our proprietary Life Settlement Calculator will take your health status into consideration. You can ask one of our friendly policy guides to provide further information on the type of settlement that will be most beneficial for you, including viatical settlements.

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