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Apex Settlement Group, helps you get a lump sum cash payout for your life insurance policy. Whether you need money to support changing financial needs, help with medical bills or funding your retirement. 

Selling your life insurance policy empowers you to get rid of costly policy premiums and achieve the goals you set for yourself and loved ones. 

eligible to sell the life insurance policy

Eligibility Requirements for Selling a Policy

Life Insurance is a valuable financial asset you can sell for a cash payment using a Life Settlement.

Sadly, around $140 billion in life insurance benefit is lapsed or surrendered by policyowners age 65+ every year¹. Take advantage of your asset today and have your policy appraised before you surrender or let it lapse.

If you qualify for a Life Settlement, Apex Settlements pays a cash payout for your Life Insurance policy. See how much your Life Insurance policy is worth using our Life Settlement Calculator

Avoid Insurance Policy Lapse

Cash in your life insurance policy today rather than lapsing. Apex Settlement’s make selling your Life Insurance Policy a seamless process.


Apex will help you receive a lump sum cash payment as soon as 48 hours, to make the most of whatever you have planned next.

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Life Insurance as an Asset

$140 Billion¹

Value of life insurance lapsed or surrendered each year by policy owners age 65+

< 1 Minute ²

The time it takes to calculate how much cash you could get for your insurance policy

100% FREE Estimate

Our Policy Guides give you all the answers and clarity to make your best decision

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Life Settlements

If you’re at a point in life where priorities have changed, it’s time to think about how to “Make the best of your life.” It’s time you got rid of your unaffordable premiums on the life insurance policy you no longer need.

If you are 70+ with a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, a life settlement can be your best move. A life settlement is the process of selling your insurance policy for a cash payment you can use and enjoy now. Don’t lapse or surrender your asset! Get the cash you need to fund your future.

Viatical Settlements

When life takes an unexpected turn, Apex’s family of Policy Guides are here. We will hold your hand and help you find the resources to face any challenge in the best possible way. One valuable source of funds may be a Viatical Settlement. A Viatical Settlement is a process of selling your life insurance when you are terminally or chronically ill. Apex guarantees that you will receive more money than your policy’s cash surrender value, giving you the financial freedom to cover expenses and see things through.

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How we simplify the complex settlement process

Reduce your expenses and get a lump sum payment today with our simple, transparent process:

Free, no-obligation estimate

In less than a minute², our calculator helps determine if you qualify to sell your policy and what it’s value may be.

One-on-one guidance

Our friendly, knowledgeable Policy Guides answer all your questions and guide you personally at every step.

Get your cash payment

Once funds are transferred to you, you can do anything with your cash payment . Life and legacy are finally up to you.

Get an estimate now and start planning what’s next

    Why sell your policy?

    Premiums are unaffordable

    In addition to freeing yourself and your family from premium payments, ​selling your policy means you will ​receive a cash payment​. Don’t let your policy lapse due to non-payment.

    Enjoy your senior living

    Senior living communities can cost $4K a month or more³ . A ​settlement​ can provide you with the resources to spend your golden years in the place you choose and deserve.

    Pay for medical care

    Medical expenses can quickly become unaffordable. Selling your life insurance policy​ can help you cover your medical needs and alleviate the unnecessary stress.

    Fund your retirement

    After working your entire life, you deserve to live how you want and do what you love. ​Selling your insurance policy can provide a comfortable living for years to come.

    Insurance no longer needed

    Whether your beneficiaries no longer need protection or the original reason for purchasing the policy no longer exists, you can lower your expenses and increase your cash in hand.

    Term policy is expiring

    Allowing your policy to lapse leaves you with nothing… But if you decide to sell it instead, you can receive a reasonable cash value​ and use the money any way you like.

    One strategy to lower premium expenses is to decrease the death benefit coverage. Or, eliminate premium expenses entirely by ​selling your policy​ and receiving a​ cash payment​.

    Lapsing your insurance policy due to missed payments means you no longer have an active contract. While carriers typically provide a grace period to pay up, a lapsed policy will no longer provide coverage or pay a death benefit.

    If you no longer need or cannot afford your life insurance policy, a​ life settlement​ can be an empowering solution. Sadly, Americans age 65+ surrender or lapse $140 billion in benefits every year¹. But a life settlement​ can give you a ​cash payment​.

    Don’t lose your lifelong investment. Discover your policy’s value today.

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    Apex consists of an expert family of Policy Guides who offer insightful education, continuous guidance, and direct access to life settlement capital markets. We promise you an informed, 1:1, hands-on experience that will leave you feeling in control and in the know.